Once a month class designed to prepare students for forms and fighting competitions. One hour forms, one hour fighting.

This class is open to students who are Yellow/Green Sash or higher. (approximately one year of training)

First Class Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014

9am – Forms and Group Forms/Weapon Sets

10am – Fighting

Students can do one or both classes.

Fee: $15 for one, $20 for both forms and fighting.

Students will need to purchase their own sparring gear in addition to gloves.  They may attend two classes borrowing equipment before being required to purchase own gear.

Head Gear $30, Shin Guards $25, Feet Protectors $25

Chest Protectors can be borrowed from studio.

All students MUST purchase own mouthguards and cups (boys and girls).  These are required to participate in tournaments.

Groin Protectors specific to martial arts can be purchased at studio, $15

Students will begin competing in the Spring of 2015 (or late winter). Fees for competitions can vary and are the responsibility of the student.


Test Pages

Getting Ready for the Test

Once you are a Blue Sash, you should purchase the Forms DVD from Si Nai Gretchen (if you haven’t already). This will help you review and practice for tests.  You may purchase this at the studio.  Also, starting at this sash level, you will test on TWO forms (a new one for your level and a previously tested form) for each sash.  This will help you review ALL of the forms for when you take the Black Sash Test.

Once you are a Brown/Black level, you will practice the following list of items:

Black Sash Practice List (all level requirements)

2 Mat and Trampoline routines (Si Nai will approve your routines)

Chinese Proverbs from the manual

Written Question to recite during test

All forms

All Chin Na


Sparring Demonstration

*Remember, the testing fee for The Black Sash Test is higher than the other levels.

Privates with Si Nai Gretchen are available by appointment on Saturdays.  Most students benefit from at least one private session, prior to their test.

*The Forms DVD is highly reccamended for Black Sash Test Practice.


Usually, students are well prepared by the time they are a Brown/Black level.  However, practice and work is required for this challenging test.

Two months prior to the test, students should practice at least one time per week on reviewing forms and techniques for their level.  Also, students must start preparing their two mat and trampoline routines for Si Nai’s approval.

One month prior to the test, students should practice at least two times per week.  Four forms per week should be reviewed in detail.  Moves should be clean and precise on all levels (Black Sash practice list).  In class, we will review all Chin Na, breakfalls and mat and trampoline routines.  ON YOUR OWN, you will review the Proverbs from the manual, as well as complete your written assignment, given to you by Si Nai Gretchen.

Test Day

All of your preparation work is done. You’ve worked hard and you deserve the goal you have set out to achieve.  Not many people can stick to a goal as you have.  You should be proud and excited.  You’ve already achieved Black Sash is our eyes.  Today is a celebration of what you have learned and what you have earned.  Go ahead and show off your skill and drive.  No one can ever take this day away from you.

Your journey toward Black Sash will be over in a few hours, but your journey in Martial Arts is just beginning.  This is when it gets more fun.  Forms that are more challenging, more responsibility, a respect that is well earned from all at the studio.  *Remember, the sword and whip chain forms are coming up for Black II, FUN!!!!!!!!

Once You're in the Black Sash Club

You’re in the Black Sash Club!!!!

Once you’ve completed your Black Sash Test, you will receive a laminated certificate, Black Sash and a patch to sew on your sash (coming soon).

You will be eligible for a photo shoot with Si Nai Gretchen (fee not included in testing fee), and photos show prominently on the web site.

You may publish articles on this web site, as well as be featured in future training videos.

You will receive STARRING ROLES in future video and film projects by our in house production company, A Heidi Ho Gig Production.

You will be part of our Studio Event Planning, Class event planning, and more!!!