Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu–  Responsible, safe, age-appropriate programs for children

Our Martial Arts studio offers a complete and well-rounded children’s program based on the Martial Art, Kung Fu. Our program emphasizes self-confidence, co-ordination, strength, agility and flexibility all within the context of learning an ancient and beautiful art. Tumbling, sparring, traditional forms and self-defense are the emphasis of our curriculum. Traditional Chinese weapons forms are taught to our intermediate and advanced Junior Kung Fu students. Respect for our instructors, our studio and the art of Kung Fu is both taught and expected. We provide a disciplined environment while keeping the class fun and challenging.

Tiny Tigers, ages 4-6

  • A safe, nurturing environment for our youngest students.
  • Uniquely designed for small children with lots of energy
  • A FUN, non-competitive, learning atmosphere for our littlest martial artists!

Little Tigers, Ages 7-9

  • Strength, coordination and balance through traditional forms.
  • Agility through basic tumbling.
  • Strength and Focus through punching and kicking drills.
  • Self Confidence and Critical Thinking Skills through basic controlled sparring.
  • Flexibility through stretching.

Junior Kung Fu, Ages 10-14

  • Higher coordination skills through traditional hands forms and traditional weapons forms.
  • Agility, speed and balance through tumbling.
  • Strength and focus through punching and kicking drills.
  • Self-Confidence, Critical Thinking Skills and Speed through controlled sparring.
  • Understanding and Respect for the art of Kung Fu.


We teach our students to avoid dangerous situations through awareness and safety education. We believe it is our duty to teach our students to effectively defend themselves in dangerous situations. With this knowledge comes responsibility. Any student who uses their martial arts training in an offensive manner to harm another person will be immediately expelled from the program.