Kung Fu in Northglenn, CO


He Jia Pai Gung Fu (Kung Fu) offers the most extensive and comprehensive training in the Chinese martial arts. He Jia Pai is a hard/soft, linear/circular, internal/external system.

He Jia Pai originates from the He (Ho) village, deep in the mountains of Hunan. The system is rooted in Bing Chuan (military fist) but emphasizes both northern and southern Chinese martial arts. Hunan province is known for it’s courageous fighters. There is a saying that without Hunan, China would have no military. Two famous generals from the He village are He Long (Dragon Ho) and He Hong Tang, both renown in combat and in the martial arts.

Master He Dai Yi (Richard Ho) preserves the tradition of his ancestors by maintainng the focus of He Jia Pai on application, awareness, confidence and mind set. Also, through the cultivation of Qi (energy) and natural methods of exercise, He Jai Pai practitioners are able to cultivate their physical body, their mind and their spirit to the highest level of refinement.
Other teachings include: Chinese herbology, acupuncture, archery, bow making, knife/sword making, knife throwing, all weaponry, firearms, strategy/tactics, Chinese language, customs, iron palm/iron vest, nutrition, pressure points, in addition to many other teaching.