Our families love us! Just look what they have to say…

“Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu has had a very positive impact on my son. Not only has he learned many important skills fundamental to the martial arts, but he now has a disciplined mind set about ‘school’ in general. The instructors are outstanding, well trained and really care about the kids. As a public school principal for twenty years, I give Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu my strongest endorsement and recommend it to any parent looking for a quality extra curricular educational program for their child.”
– Scott Winston, retired school principal Aspen Creek K-8

“From the moment I walkd into “Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu” I was instantly impressed. The way the instructors interact and instruct the kids is truly amazing. Si Nai Gretchen and the other instructors have a wonderful rapport with the kids. All the instructors treat the children with respect which is freely given back by the students. The children learn not only the martial art of Kung Fu but balance, agility, respect, dignity, self confidence and more. They also are taught ‘Kicknastics’, strength and flexability along with safety and ‘Stranger Danger’. We have faith and trust in the school and the instructors. My son has grown and benefited from the learning and will utilize it his whole life. What a wonderful treasure to have her in the north metro area.
This father loved the program so much he became an instructor for Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu. We are thrilled to have him on the Kids Kung Fu team!

– Scott Archer, Firefighter/E.M.T.

“Our son loves the program! He enjoys the instructors, and they make the program fun. Not only does the program teach many skills, but it is also fun and enjoyable for the children.
My son’s self confidence and behavior has highly improved. Now he tries hard getting his work done in school. Homework is NOT a struggle anymore. At Ho’s School of Chinese Martial Arts he is a part of a group and is valued!
His teachers in school ask what we are doing. We say, ‘we are not doing anything, our son is doing it all and Kids Kung Fu is giving him the tools.”
– The Grasmick Family

“Not only has our son learned the physical aspects of Kung Fu at the age of 6, but he has become more confident, disciplined and courteous. Si Nai Gretchen’s instructors have made the school not only a comfortable place but a safe and fun environment! They even make the parents laugh!”
– The Jevne Family

“We have been very pleased with Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu. Our daughter is always excited to attend class and has a great time there. This class is unique because of the attentive nature of the teaches and the fact that this class makes learning Kung Fu fun. We can easily say this is the best program we have enrolled our daughter in.”
– The Blair Family

“Gretchen is a wonderful person and instructor.  She cares deeply about every student from beginner to advanced.  She also cares about the student beyond Kung Fu.  My son has been a student for over 3 years and he has become a much better person because of Gretchen’s guidance and teaching.  We are very glad we found Ho’s School!”

-The Archer Family

“I originally joined Kung Fu in January of 2002 with the attitude that it would be something fun to do, and I would get through it and move on to whatever interested me next. I never dreamed how it would change me spiritually, emotionally and physically, and how I would perceive everyday life. I never thought of the friendships it would generate, the discoveries of oneself, and the memories that would last a lifetime.
When I first started Kung Fu class, I was initially nervous and a bit afraid of testing, thinking that we could never be good enough for Da Si, that he would never approve of the Kung Fu we were doing. Here is where I was really wrong. I came to realize that Da Si was not there to harshly judge, but to truly teach and guide. One was not performing for him, but instead he was helping you discover yourself, to find a deeper meaning of oneself. I sure know that when we first started, what we looked like doing the sets, was nothing like he looked, but we started to slowly improve. The Chinese proverb, “Use Yi (mind), and Li (force) will follow, started to make sense. I have also come to realize that Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing Yi- these are all truly journeys, and there is no end to them-no final form or set, drill or kick.”
– Excerpt from a written testimonial of an adult Kung Fu Student.

Excerpts from the written portions of the Kids Kung Fu Black Sash I, II and III Tests:

“Since my years in Kung Fu, I’ve learned to trust and believe in myself and never give up.
It was hard to become a black sash, but I trusted in myself and hope to be a black sash soon.”

“I never gave up on Kung Fu, and I never stopped when it got hard. I know how to defend myself from danger, I met new friends, I have awesome coaches and I have fun!”

“I have learned that I am strong and athletic. If I work hard I can achieve anything. I have learned to respect me and other people and martial arts. I have learned to be confident.”

“Kung Fu changes lives by building confidence, learning to be respectful and give you lots of skills and knowledge.”

“Kung Fu gives you discipline, self control and self confidence.”

“At first, I really began to think that kung fu was all about the physical side. But as time passed and as I’m still growing older, I’ve come to understand Kung Fu is a beautiful art that people study. Kung Fu has taught me how to defend myself. It has taught me discipline, respect, integrity and humility. One of my wishes in the future is to open a Kung Fu school of my own. The idea of leading people through all the experiences and fun I’ve had so far with Kung Fu is overwhelming.”

“Of all my years at the studio I’ve learned. I’ve learned skills that have improved my knowledge and help me achieve my goals. I’ve learned many things about myself. Knowing these things give me strength to accomplish things.
The life lessons I’ve learned at the studio will help me succeed throughout my life. For that I thank the studio, the instructors and my family here for providing me with strength and confidence in myself.
I hope to accomplish one of my greatest goals today and that is all thanks to this wonderful studio and instructors. As we say here at the studio, black sash isn’t the end. It is only the beginning.”

“In all of the years of training at the studio I have learned many things about myself including that I am a very hard worker that is why I am reaching my goal for black sash. A very wise woman (Si Nai Gretchen Ho) said that the heard (of cattle) faced the wind and cold and lived, while that heard that had their backs to the wind died off in numbers. That story taught me to face my fears and not be afraid. Another thing that I learned about myself is that I don’t give up when things are hard. I keep on working because that is the only way to reach a goal. I know this because the same wise woman talked about it in our huddles.”

“In all my years of Kung Fu training, what I have learned about myself is that I have gained confidence in myself. With that confidence I have learned that I can protect and defend myself, my loved ones and my friends.
I have learned that if I set my mind to something, that I can accomplish my goal. I have learned that consistent practice will lead to improvement in speed, agility, and knowledge and helps me accomplish more of my goals.
I have made several good friends in Kung Fu. I have learned how to be a better person and friend. I have learned to respect myself and others.
I have enjoyed teaching the lower sashes and that has given me pride in my ability to teach others what I have learned.
I have learned a lot about weapons. I have learned they are not toys and should be respected. My favorite weapon is the double hood swords.”