Si Nai Gretchen Ho

Si Nai Gretchen Ho, founder of Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu, has been practicing Chinese Martial Arts since 1988. She has performed in many martial arts demonstrations throughout the L.A. and Denver areas and has worked on several martial arts instructional videos. Si Nai Gretchen has been teaching children both kung fu and music for over 30 years. Gretchen has done fight scene choreography for numerous live martial arts demonstrations and showcases, as well as for films and straight to video projects. Gretchen believes in using martial arts in many different, creative and unusual outlets, including film and multi-media, as a positive and creative outlet for herself, her students and all martial artists. Si Nai Gretchen is an instructor for the adult Kung Fu classes as well as instructor for special women’s and children’s programs. She has developed this unique, well-rounded program to help children develop their inner self-confidence and outer strength.

Si Nai Gretchen started her own production and media company, A Heidi Ho Gig Production, in 2006 and has since finished many projects including: The short film The Black Sash Club in 2007, Kids Kung Fu Instructional Forms Video in 2006, The short film Day at the PooPoo Track in 2009, and the music video The Studio’s Rockin’ Hard Tonight in 2010. In 2011, Gretchen completed her music video “Wake Up”, as well as completed several photo and video projects for businesses in Denver and Los Angeles.

Gretchen is a professional photographer who specializes in landscape photography as well as “personality portraits” done for individuals, families, athletes, dancers, equestrian events and businesses.  Gretchen is the official photographer for several businesses including JJB Limited, 132nd Skate, SugarFree Magazine, Acupuncture and Healing Center of Colorado, Ho’s School of Chinese Martial Arts and Reforming Bodies Pilates in Los Angeles.  Her landscape and China photos are on permanent gallery display at Acupuncture and Healing Center of Colorado.

A professional musician, Gretchen wrote and recorded the original soudtrack for her short film Day at the PooPoo Track as well as the original song The Studio’s Rockin’ Hard Tonight for her music video.  Gretchen wrote and recorded the song Wake Up as well as filmed, directed and edited the music video, as seen on CNN iReport.  Gretchen has performed as principal flutist in orchestras and chamber ensembles both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Si Nai Gretchen continuously develops new multi-media projects for all of the students at Ho’s School of Chinese Martial Arts.