Tai Chi in Northglenn, CO

Tai Qi Chuan (known as Tai Chi Chuan in the west), Hsing-I Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang are the three systems of internal Chinese martial arts. These are advanced martial art systems that emphasize the cultivation of Qi (internal energy).

At this studio students are taught two styles of Tai Qi Chuan that are rarely seen in the West; the Sun and the Wu. It is said that the Sun and the Wu are the most effective and complete of all the Tai Qi systems. Qi Gong, push hands, weapons and san shou training are also emphasized. Instruction is also given in the popular 48 Combined Form. This is a very popular form in China which combines elements of all the Tai Qi styles.

Hsing-I Chuan is possibly the most explosive and powerful of the internal systems, it is often referred to as the “Cannon Ball Style”. Hsing-I is based on the Chinese 5-Elements and 12 Animals. Ba Gua Zhang is the circular and ever changing of the internal systems. Ba Gua Zhang is based on the Yi Jing (The Book of Change). The focus of Ba Gua Zhang is the eight circular palm changes.